Jacqueline Loor – Just Let Me Breathe (2020)

Jacqueline Loor gave us the strength to move on from a toxic relationship with the Spanish single ‘Deshacer (Coming Undone)’. She is back with some more empowering vibes with her single ‘Just Let Me Breathe’. The haunting track considers the desire to forge your own path and push through the daily demands of society. The pressure we all face each day can seem suffocating, but Loor gives you the strength to push through and be who you want to be.

The single features vocals by Will Evans who also produced and mixed the track. The pairing of vocals adds to the power of Loor’s emotional range to alleviate the pressures of life and let you breathe a little easier.

‘Just Let Me Breathe’ grabs your attention with an interesting opening. The melody creates a sense of pressure and the dark emotions this creates. You can almost feel the weight of life sitting on your chest through the melody. There is an almost sultry darkness to the melody that you can’t help but slide along. The deep beats that pulse in the background add to the depth of the melody while the lighter tones have a haunting and creepy feeling to them. The melody is a wonderful sonic representation of the struggle people fight through as they push against the pressures of life.

Loor’s vocals continue the dark vibe of the melody as she creeps through your senses. The chorus has an imploring edge to the performance with a fighting spirit resting below. Evans’ vocals give a new dimension to the song as he enters for the second verse. The harmonisation has a great dual-layer feel to it that makes you feel like you are not alone in these emotions.

Jacqueline Loor hits you with dark and sultry tones as you fight against the pressure of life in ‘Just Let Me Breathe’. The dark vibes of the melody combine with Loor’s seductive tones to fill you with the fight against external pressure. Through the vocal performance, you realise you are not alone in this struggle and this provides you with the strength to fight on.

Find out more about Jacqueline Loor on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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