Jacurii – The Light (2020)

Motivation can be hard to come by at times, but Jacurii is here to give you the boost you need. Her debut single ‘The Light’ invites you to explore the parallel bonds that help to build strong relationships. While exploring these bonds, she encourages you to experience something illuminated.

This boost is provided with some soulful grooves with a splash of electro-rock thrown in. Her introspective and lively soundscape has been honed over the years since she picked up a guitar at age 10. Since then, she played bass in the band Chi-Qi before spreading her solo wings. Her debut single is an atmospheric introduction to what she has to offer.

‘The Light’ draws you in with an opening that combines shuffling beats and guitars. The beats continue to lead you into the song before the guitar makes a comeback. The melody has a lilting vibe that you float along to. It is very gentle on your ears and gives you a soft push down the track. There is also a soulful vibe woven into the relatively minimalistic tone.

The gentle melody acts as a platform for Jacrii’s vocals. Her voice has a haziness to it that swirls around your head as you listen. The breeziness of her performance combines well with the melody to form the atmospheric vibe of the track. Her vocals have an encouraging tone while also seeking an illuminating experience. The lyrics of the single add to the encouragement within her performance and the look for those parallel bonds.

Jacurii uses her atmospheric debut ‘The Light’ to encourage you to find illuminated experiences and explore the bonds of strong relationships. The airy tone of the vocals and melody combine to form the soulful single that you are able to easily float along with. Her soft vocals draw you in with the beats and guitar for a light musical experience.

Find out more about Jacurii on her Facebook and Spotify.

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