Jake Bosci – I Miss You (2020)

Inspiration can strike at any time even when you are quarantined in a hotel room in Darwin, Australia. This is what happened to Jake Bosci when he was struck with the idea for his new single ‘I Miss You’. Drawing on his emotions at the time, the single looks at missing someone when you’re in an isolated situation. This highly relatable emotion is one that many people have felt recently.

Bosci’s creative drive and alluring charm give you a fresh approach to this emotional time. This new single is also a taste of what is to come on his upcoming EP. If you are looking for an emotional tug with a light air of melancholy, this is the single for you.

‘I Miss You’ draws you in with dampening synths that turn into shuffling tones. Below the synths are drums that lightly get you moving to the beat. Throughout the song, the different layers of the melody meld and fill you with a light sense of melancholy. While it does pick up for the chorus, there is still a thread of sadness. There is also a feeling of longing woven into the melody.

While the melody gives you a sense of melancholy and longing, it is Bosci’s vocals that really drive the emotion home. His charming voice is light against the melody and infused with a range of emotions. Through his performance, you can feel the sadness of isolation from those you miss and the longing to see them again. His performance is easy to connect with and makes you want to be around those you care about.

‘I Miss You’ by Jake Bosci fills you with a sense of longing and justified sadness that is extremely relatable. The melody has an unending thread of sadness woven into it while his vocals drive the longing and melancholy of the track home.

Find out more about Jake Bosci on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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