Hammy – What You Do (2020)

Are you looking for a track that hits you with some huge hooks and flair? Look no further than ‘What You Do’, the debut single from Hammy. Coming at you from the northern reaches of Tasmania, Hammy’s love for music was sparked at age 15 when he saw Bliss n Eso in concert. Drawing on inspiration from the club scene, hip-hop and pop, Hammy has you grooving to his beat wherever you are.

As an introduction to the musical fray, the single shows his versatility and creativity. The single was produced by Stereo and is heavy with attitude. The steady and word-hungry flow of the track will leave you wanting more from Hammy.

‘What You Do’ draws you in with an opening that is full of fun notes before you are hit with the RnB vibes. The female vocals take over the vibe while the deep beat and clicking makes you want to gently move to the flow. These melodic vocals set the scene for the song and lead you perfectly to Hammy’s rap. His vocals hit perfectly after the initial vocals and you can’t help but be drawn into his words. He has an amazing flow to his rap that you float into and which melds into the female vocals for the chorus.

Under the interplay of vocals is that groovy beat. It is full of RnB tones, but there is a flavour of hip-hop, particularly when Hammy is rapping. The melody has a relatively simple flow to it, but this works so well with the vocal performances. When Hammy enters the vocals swing from the gentle flow for the female vocals.

Hammy gets you hooked to his sound with the flow and vibes of his debut single ‘What You Do’. Hammy’s rap is a perfect accompaniment to the melodic female vocals. The flow of the track shines with RnB vibes melded with some pop sensibilities and a dash of modern hip-hop for good measure.

Find out more about Hammy on his Instagram and Spotify.

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