Jake Bracey & The Mountain Laurels – Drag (2021)

With their single ‘Synapse’, Jake Bracey & The Mountain Laurel brought a subtle intimacy to rugged ballads while delving into the best bits of folk-rock. They are continuing their captivating sound with ‘Drag’ which is the second single off their upcoming full-length album. While steeped in the folk-rock tones that made the last single so engaging, this track draws you into a carousel of snapshot moments.

As the images slowly spin through your mind, the band contemplates how these single moments in time lead us to where we are in the present. Drawing on memories Bracey has clung to throughout life, the single brings something deeply personal to our ears. While the experiences are personal, there is something so universal to the theme of the single that makes it unbelievably relatable.

The twanging guitar that opens ‘Drag’ has you sinking into a contemplative vibe. The rather stripped-back feeling to the melody eases you into the memories of the lyrics. It is a really touching melody that urges you to close your eyes and give in to the movement of the guitars. The light wash that the drums bring adds depth to the music while painting the lyrics with a richness that is wonderful. As the single continues, the melody builds into a sweeping folk-rock roll. This movement is really masterful as it soars through your senses and draws you further under the band’s spell. The bridge is delightful as it brings a hit of nostalgia to the movement before moving to something that settles in your chest.

As you are drawn into the movement of the melody, the vocals bring the highs and lows of life to sonic glory. Each word is steeped in emotion and the feelings that build us into the people we are today. There is a tenderness to the description of each memory that highlights the affection they are held in. Threaded through these memories is an authentic honesty that lets you know Bracey is opening up fully and laying everything on the line. This honesty makes it easier to open yourself and connect with the emotion of the track.

Jake Bracey & The Mountain Laurels have you closing your eyes and floating through the memories that make you who you are in ‘Drag’. There is a contemplative edge to the melody that opens with a stripped-back line only to build in richness. The vocals are emotive and so honest that they make it easy to connect with the emotions and journey of the track.

Find out more about Jake Bracey & The Mountain Laurels on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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