Poison Oak – Weekend Blues (2021)

With their last single ‘Losing Ourselves’, Poison Oak showcased their eclecticism through the lyrical and melodic depths of the track. Now, with the second single from their upcoming EP ‘Weekend Blues’ they are building on their success. Through their alternative rock tones, they bring the feeling of the weekend to our ears in all its glory.

As they, once again, showcase the purity of their sound, they take us from the joy of Friday to the happiness of Saturday before ending on the sombre note of having to face Monday. Bringing vibrant textures to some catchy rock-pop sensibilities, the single has you flying on the freedom of the weekend and the joy their sound brings. The single brings a continuation of the perspective of their last release with a slight change to the atmosphere.

‘Weekend Blues’ hits the ground running with a paced drum and catchy guitar line. The music makes you want to bounce around to the sound from the first moment and only gains in power as the single continues. The pounding of the drums and crash of cymbals that come through lead you perfectly to the chorus that shines with the freedom that only comes from the weekend. When you enter the second verse, the engaging guitars take over your senses and get you swaying to them only for those drums to grab hold of you again. The movement of the music is packed with the vibrant energy of the weekend and puts a smile on your face. This all starts to drop as you creep toward the end of the track.

While the music is packed with bright weekend energy, the vocals grab your hand and pull you into a headlong run into the weekend. There is so much energy packed into the performance that makes you want to shout out with pure glee with them. While there is a lot of happiness infused into each note, the lyrics take you through the rollercoaster of the weekend. They have you excited for the weekend, bursting with the freedom and joy of days when you can do anything. This leads you to the drop in the melody that signifies the end of the weekend and the resignation to another week that comes with it.

Poison Oak grab your hand and hail you into the vibrant energy and soaring freedom of ‘Weekend Blues’ which packs a punch of engaging emotion. The melody is packed full of the happiness and joy that the weekend brings before dropping for the last moments of freedom. The vocals grab your hand and pull you along for the rollercoaster ride of the emotions infused into the single.

Find out more about Poison Oak on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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