Jason Keisling – As If the Sea Should Part (2020)

Taking inspiration from the Emily Dickenson poem about eternity, Jason Keisling is hitting you with his new instrumental masterpiece. Written during lockdown and social distancing, the track captures the emotional state many people find themselves in. The delicacy of the instrumentation captivates you as you are set adrift on a sea of sound.

Keisling is a multi-instrumentalist who paints vivid pictures with his music alone. Through the carefully crafted arrangements of his songs, he takes you on a journey as epic as any track with lyrics. If you are looking for a single that lets you drift while opening your mind to the sense of eternity through oceanic imagery, this is the one for you.

‘As If the Sea Should Part’ gets you into the vibe with a gentle opening. The soft piano notes are like the first rays of dawn and the world waking up. This gentle awakening flows through you even as the faster beats come into play. That piano line sets the soothing tone of the vast expanse of water that is the sea and the far-reaching arm of eternity. There is something expansive about it that creeps into your mind and makes you float along with it.

While the piano remains throughout the single, it does give way to swooning strings and the gentle swells of synths. This forms a slightly more intense middle section to the song. However, the soft flow of the single remains as the pace never go too fast. It is very easy to sit back and relax into the single and let your mind flow on the journey of the instruments. The song relaxes you while letting each instrument add to the soft waves of the rhythm and imagery.

Jason Keisling sets you adrift on the eternal expanse of the ocean in the soothingly beautiful ‘As If the Sea Should Part’. The arrangement of the single is soothing and allows you to fall back into the gentle waves of the soundscape.

Find out more about Jason Keisling on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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