Romel – Do It (2020)

We have all had those moments when we have an opportunity to enjoy a new life experience, but miss out because we are stuck doing something that could really wait. These moments are the foundation of ‘Do It’ by Romel. Through his infectious sound, Romel tells us to just do it and shake off the restrictions we place on ourselves. Together with Portuguese singer and actress Juliana Baros, Romel will get you pumped up to try something new.

The seductive pop-dance grooves of the song let you know why the last year has been so big for him. Having played to sold-out crowds in Coventry, he has also supported Burna Boy. While lockdown put a damper on touring, Romel has continued to seize the moment and takes his own advice of just doing it.

The opening of ‘Do it’ has this groovy vibe to it that twinkles into beats that make you move to them. The melody has this wonderful dance vibe to it, but it makes you want to move without driving you crazy. It has this edge to it that creeps into your mind and makes you move whether you realise it or not. There is an almost laid-back groove to the vibe mixing with the upbeat mood created by the dance vibes.

Baros’ vocals are the first you hear over the opening of the track. Her backing makes you want to seize the opportunity you are faced with. However, it is Romel’s vocals that really hook you and make you want to get out there and experience what life has to offer. His performance is infused with so much positivity that you can’t help but feel good and have some fun.

Romel teams up with Juliana Baros to fill you with positivity and the urge to seize opportunities that come your way in ‘Do It’. This single combines groovy dance vibes with pop sensibilities and smooth vocals for a charming shove of motivation.

Find out more about Romel on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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