Jaws The Shark – Andy Gray (2020)

Jaws the Shark might have already sunk his teeth into you with his debut single ‘Mission Impossible’. Now, he is here to drag you into the deep blue seas of his music with ‘Andy Gray’. Unlike his debut which pushed you to chase your dreams, this single is a bit more focused on one person. It tells the tale of the demise of the once-popular but disgraced form sports pundit.

Taking a step away from the frantic action of his first release, Olly Bailey, the man behind the shark, uses an indie garage-rock vibe to tell this tale. The take is reminiscent of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Bloc Party. However, there is something lurking below the surface that is purely Jaws the Shark.

The deep and driving beat of ‘Andy Gray’ is what first captures you in the tracks net. The screaming guitar attacks you from the left, but there is a darkness to it. The vibe from this guitar continues with Bailey’s vocals which have this fuzzy quality that really makes the garage-rock genre. His expressive performance helps you connect the story of the lyrics even if you have no idea who Andy Gray is.

The guitars throughout the song are a pleasure to listen to. While the bass starts you on the path of Andy Gray, the electric guitar takes over and has these amazing riffs. The notes make you want to move around in the best possible way. There is something contagious about this song that creeps up on you and sticks. You can easily listen to this song multiple times without getting tired of it.

After sinking his teeth into you, Jaws the Shark pulls you into his musical ocean with the infectious ‘Andy Gray’. Containing all the elements we love about garage rock, the song is fun to listen to and makes you want to move.

Find out more about Jaws the Shark on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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