Jaws The Shark – Mission Impossible (2020)

After spending years travelling around the world as a tour manager and artist manager, Olly Bailey is ready to sink his teeth into his own music project. Jaws The Shark is his solo music project and his debut track is ready for people to take a bite. ‘Mission Impossible’ showcases his solo work in all its frenzied glory.

The song is about realising that nothing in life is given to you for free. There is a motivational note that lets you know that you can be whatever you want, but you are the one who can make it happen. The song pushes you to chase your dreams and put the hard work in to achieve them.

‘Mission Impossible’ hooks you with a somewhat familiar guitar opening. While there is something familiar about the melody, it offers a unique twist that is all Jaws The Shark. There are different layers to the melody that get you moving to the beat. The guitars drive the melody, but the drums sink their teeth into you and will not let go.

The vocals on the track are fast-paced and engaging. They will get you singing along and worm their way into your head where they do not leave for long after the song has ended. The lyrics are quite motivational telling you that you can be anything you want to be.

Jaws The Shark sinks his teeth into you with ‘Mission Impossible’ telling you that you can be anything you want to be. The song is just over two minutes of full-on melodies and catchy hooks. You will find yourself singing the chorus of the track for days after you hear it.

Find out more about Jaws The Shark on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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