Jem Doulton – Perfect Picture (2021)

With his single ‘My Brain’s In My Skin’, Jem Doulton hit you in the chest with heavy tones and thought-provoking lyrics. Now, he is dripping sarcasm while lashing out with some scathing lyrics set to the blended pop tones of ‘Perfect Picture’. The single combines the sounds of 80s pop with dark pop sensibilities and a splash of post-rock.

Rumbling into your ears, Doulton is joined by Luke Barlow (saxophone), Ben Doulton (lead guitar), Jamie McCredie (rhythm guitar) and Kevin Toublant (Moog). Bringing an electronic edge to his sound, this track is as engaging as the last while hitting in a different way. As part of a 12-song project released one by one over a year, this single is another story in a greater tapestry of work and the tale of life.

The thrumming tones that open ‘Perfect Picture’ rumble into your senses before the electronic tones build on them. These tones are joined by the enthralling call of the saxophone. The melody is layered and rich as the textures of the different tones all come together. There are the thrumming tones of 80s TV show themes in the low levels while the saxophone brings smoothness to the soundscape. As the song continues, the melody pushes against you with a strange neon darkness that really bewitches you. The dark pop sensibilities are on full display but they merge so perfectly with the electronic pop tones.

Resting over this layered melody are Doulton’s vocals that bring the rumbling of the music to words. While rolling through your ears, his voice rises with imagery that is easy to connect with. There is a touch of sarcasm to his performance, but this has subtly been woven into the performance. At times, his performance hovers over the melody like a nebulous cloud that is equal parts psychedelic, darkwave and underhandedly scathing.

Jem Doulton merges darkness, 80s pop tones and underhandedly scathing sarcasm for the rumbling tones of ‘Perfect Picture’. The track brings a delightful darkness to your ears that you can’t stop listening to. Woven into the smoky twilight tones are his vocals that bring subtle sarcasm and a slight sneer to your ears.

Find out more about Jem Doulton on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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