Slow Pineapple – Modern Emergencies (2020)

Slow Pineapple kept us captivated with the experimental soundscape of ‘Almost Human’. They are now swinging into a grunge and industrial-inspired banger with ‘Modern Emergencies’. Blurring the lines of traditional genres, the band uses the upheaval of their soundscape to sonically represent the ups and downs of modern emergencies.

As you ride through their sound, you are taken through the endless complaints and opinions that are classified as emergencies in the modern world. A highly relatable track, their sound bursts out of the musical box and gets you swept up in the emergency. If the music itself does not have you feeling the emergency, their accompanying lyric video just might.

‘Modern Emergencies’ opens with sound samples associated with emergencies such as sirens. This opening is flung to the side by a burst of guitar and drums. The melody has an interesting flow with different tones pulsing against your senses before retreating. The upheaval of the music is a wonderful sonic representation of emergencies and the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany them. There is an edge of psychedelia artfully woven into the thumping beats and vibrating guitar lines. If you are looking for a song that is completely different from anything else out there, you have come to the right place.

Threaded into the heaving soundscape are the vocals which air a range of grievances the band has with the world. The lyrics are relatable and take you through the ups and downs of the world. The steady flow of the vocals is a great counterpoint to the swinging melody. The vocal performance continues to blur the lines of the music as it carries an almost electronic edge while offering a great alternative rock style.

The accompanying lyric video not only gets you singing along, but it also captures the ups and downs of the music. The lyrics of the track scroll onto the bottom of the screen for the most part. They also appear in big and bold writing to grab your attention. As the lyrics scroll by, the video is full of video snippets that perfectly match the music. It is a captivating video that you can’t help but get sucked into.

Slow Pineapple turns their heaving melodies to the ups and downs of ‘Modern Emergencies’. The psychedelic-edged melody has a constantly shifting feeling that perfectly matches the constant upheaval of the world and its man-made emergencies. The heart of the single is wonderfully captured in the lyric video.

Find out more about Slow Pineapple on their Instagram and Spotify.

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