Jenaé Louis-Jacques – With You (2021)

We all process grief and loss in different ways without realising it. Written after the loss of a family member, Jenaé Louis-Jacques dips into the more universal theme of losing love in ‘With You’. With lyrics that can be interpreted in many ways, she draws on her own experiences to create something much wider while still being relatable.

As her debut single, she not only introduces listeners to her songwriting ability, she also melds classic RnB with something a little more modern. With influences ranging from Ottis Redding to Adele, she infuses her music with a touch of dream pop laced into a solid RnB soundscape. Through the single, she puts a lot into perspective for herself and listeners.

‘With You’ opens with a dynamic soundscape that is all deep beats and shuffling tones. There are some easy melodic tones that ripple between the beats adding a new level to the melody. These rippling tones come into their own on the chorus for a soulful flow of tones. There is a light touch of dreaminess to the music on the chorus that has this floating feeling to it. This enhances the emotions that shine through in the lyrics and vocals.

Louis-Jacques’ vocals are all smooth RnB tones that effortlessly wrap around your senses. Her performance is beautifully emotive as she brings the grief and loss of the lyrics to life. This is tempered by a movement to understanding and working through the loss. The lyric carry this wonderful ambiguity that allows you to interpret the single as you need to. For some people, the loss highlighted in the song could be the passing of a loved one while it could be the breakdown of a relationship for others.

Jenaé Louis-Jacques helps you move on from a loss of love in the smooth flows of ‘With You’. Her debut single showcases what she has to offer while bringing a delightful ambiguity. The lyrics can be interpreted in many ways while the emotions of the vocal performance match any interpretation.

Find out more about Jenaé Louis-Jacques on her Instagram and Spotify.

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