Tyler Rayn – Crossfire (2021)

Most people have, at some point, been in a situation that they don’t think they will be able to get through. To get through these dark times, you often need to just keep holding on and this is what Tyler Rayn encourages in his single ‘Crossfire’. Drawing on the struggles he faced at a dark time in his life, the single reminds us to not let others tear us down and to remember who we are to stand proud and undefeated.

With a touch of dark emotions, the single pulls you to something beautiful. Bordering on the anthemic, Rayn brings a touch of George Michael to your ears while covering you with a sound that is purely him. Through his music, he reminds us of our value as people and empowers anyone who is listening.

‘Crossfire’ has a delicate opening that is all light touches and glinting tones. The beats are a gentle river that the lighter tones rest on as they form the solid foundation for the single. There are a few layers to the melody that smoothly come together for a united arrangement. At times, the melody softly swells with a tender tone only to dip for the glittering notes to shine. While there is a lightness to the melody, it is tempered with a depth that fills you with a sombre and pained vibe.

The pained emotions of the melody come through with a harder hit on the vocals. Rayn’s voice is smooth and emotive as he fills you with the uncertainty of the situation you find yourself in. There is a measure of self-doubt laced into his performance before a gradual building of strength. As the single progresses, he reminds you that you can get through anything if you keep trying. There is a wonderful strength to be gained from the single that really comes alive through the power of his vocals.

Tyler Rayn works through dark moments while reminding listeners that they can be strong enough to get through in ‘Crossfire’. While the melody and vocals have a pained edge to them, they swell with empowerment and the knowledge that everyone has the strength to get through the darkness. If you are struggling, this is the song that will help you find the strength to carry on. The single also makes you want to find his other music including his single ‘Never Was’.

Find out more about Tyler Rayn on his Instagram and Spotify.

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