Jenny Kern – Coming Back For Me (2021)

Despite having a long history in the live music, film and television industries, singer-songwriter Jenny Kern only embraced her love of music head-on in 2018. Taking a leap of faith, the US-based Canadian released her debut EP and started performing at notable venues like The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall. Following the debut EP, Kern released critically acclaimed singles including the debut single ‘Slow Burn’ capturing the attention of music critics worldwide. Featured in A&R Factory, Lost In The Manor, Independent Music Reviews and Turtle Tempo (to name but a few), Kern is gaining a reputation for honest, heartfelt songs. The latest addition to her endearing repertoire is ‘Coming Back For Me’.

Not a great fan of contemporary pop, I generally withdraw from this genre; however, Jenny Kern drew me in with her innovative blues-filled commercial pop sound. Beautifully textured the dynamic instrumentation builds a hazy ambience before tipping you over into a mystical fog of sound; then again, what else do you expect from producers Andy Seltzer and Joe LaPorta?

What I find particularly intriguing about the melody in ‘Coming Back For Me’ is how each element shows a degree of prominence before meshing into an overpowering downtempo crescendo completely ensnaring the senses, but it lasts only as long as is needed with a simple piano ending. Soul-stirring and emotive, the melody already has one travelling along a harmonic river, yet it is Kern’s vocals that send the music reverberating down your spine.

Known for her raw honesty, Kern elegantly executes gut-wrenching lyricism with her hushed vocals. A murmur in the crashing waves, the soothing, blues-inspired vocals meld effortlessly with the dynamic instrumentation enhancing poignancy in every breath. Using the confessional-style narrative, Kern not only beguiles you with her haunting tones but plucks at heartstrings leaving you covered in goosebumps.

For more from Jenny Kern check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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