RavenRain – MOVING ON (2022)

RavenRain tackled the topic of mental health and overcoming the struggles they present in her singles ‘Hiding in the Dark’ and ‘Looking Up’. She is now focussing on toxic relationships and friendships in her sassy and empowering single ‘MOVING ON’. With some savage lyricism, she showcases her confident side, while encouraging listeners to move on from bad relationships whether romantic or platonic.

This is the first single to really highlight the bossy, sassy and confident side of her music and is a pleasure to hear after her last singles. While the vulnerable honesty of her music is touching, this new side is a showcase of all the hard steps she encourages us to take through her songs. Even with the different edge to her sound, there is something distinctly RavenRain woven into the synth and dance melodics of the track.

The electronic beats that open ‘MOVING ON’ gently draw you into the soundscape. More electronic tones zip and zing past, before the dance beats start to hit. There is an addictive feeling to these electronic tones that have you bopping around to the rhythm. You can’t help but bop around to the music or tap your toes to the rhythm. It is a very engaging melody that has a layer of confidence that works so perfectly with the vocals. You can easily imagine this melody playing in a club as the neon lights flash around you. Later in the track, there is a more ethereal melodic flow that takes over, before you are dropped back into the dance beats.

While the melody is really engaging and gets you moving to the rhythm, it is RavenRain’s vocals that pack the big punch of the track. Her vocal performance is a wonderful mixture of hip-hop, vocal dance and pop. From the first word, she brings a new sassiness to the soundscape that offers a light smirk and sashay. The confidence she infuses into each word flies out of the single and directly into your veins, giving you the empowerment you need to leave a toxic situation. Through the lyrics, she confronts the people who are meant to be there for you, only to hurt you more. This confrontation works as further encouragement to move on from failed relationships and friendships.

RavenRain brings a boost of confidence and empowerment through the sassy dance tones of ‘MOVING ON’, while encouraging us to let go of failed relationships. The new infusion of confidence and sass in the single has been perfectly balanced with the moving dance beats. RavenRain’s vocal performance is packed with encouragement, confidence and empowerment.

Find out more about RavenRains on her Instagram and Spotify.

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