Jesse Brady – Conflicted (2022)

With her debut single ‘Transformations’, Jesse Brady considered taking things one step at a time while navigating the difficult times of life. Now, she is looking at the troubling time when you are torn between emotions and logic in the aptly titled ‘Conflicted’. While the track is packed with the feeling of being lost in a sea of indecision, there is a really fun vibe woven into the music.

Using a confident tone, Brady expresses emotions and thoughts with heart and humour. Her authentic lyrics make it easy to connect with her single, while her storytelling ability draws you into the sound. Composed, performed and produced by Brady, the single carries her individuality and musical flair while tapping into emotions we have all faced at some point.

‘Conflicted’ warbles into life before a deep electronic beat drones and vibrates from the depths of the melody. The lighter electronic tones that fill the higher layers of the melody twinkle pleasantly against the deep beats. The layering of the tones throughout the single brings the conflicting emotions of the lyrics to sonic life. It is a moving melody that has your toes tapping along while your shoulders sway to the rhythm. While the lyrics tell the real story of the track, the movement of the melody enhances the journey into emotions and conflicting thoughts. It is a rather masterful combination of sound that keeps you utterly enthralled as you are drawn into the movement.

Brady’s vocals are tender and glitter with light as she enters over the initial melodic flow. She draws you into the feelings of the single with effortless ease as she relays thoughts we have all had at some point. While her performance picks up for the chorus, she brings the conflicted emotions and thoughts to life beautifully. As the single progresses, she brings a touch of yearning for a different life, only to be plagued by the fight between logic and emotion. This flows perfectly into the chorus that highlights the logic that fills your brain and the tugging of the heart that often do not lead to the same path.

Jesse Brady captures the fight between emotions and logic through the layered melody and authentic lyrics of ‘Conflicted’. The music plays the light twinkle of emotions against the grounding beat of logic. Brady’s vocals are tender as they rest in the middle of the melody and draw you into the thoughts and emotions of the track.

Find out more about Jesse Brady on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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