Charlie Fisher – Do You Feel It Now (2022)

Charlie Fisher is bringing the very best of nu-disco to our ears with the shimmer glitter tones of ‘Do You Feel It Now’. From glittering strings to the pulsing synths, the single is sure to get you on your feet and dancing around like no one’s watching. After reuniting with artist and producer Sevenths for this single, Fisher brings his vocal chops to a celebration of queer liberation in this pop jolt.

Drawing on a reverence for the glory days of pop and soaked in Y2K pop culture, Fisher brings fun dance pop back to life. His music is delivered with an authenticity that is utterly unapologetic and carries a delightful personal spin. While this single is sure to get you moving, it also offers some insight into his upcoming full-length project due later this year.

‘Do You Feel It Now’ gets you in the dancing vibe from the first note. There is a hook in the music that has your shoulders moving and your muscles coiling with the need to dance with abandon. The deep beat pulses into your soul, while the jolt of the synths injects dancing energy into your muscles. It is impossible to listen to this melody and not feel the urge to move in some way. As you soak up the energy of the music, you also want to turn the volume up so you can go crazy to the music. You can feel the glitter of nu-disco through the music as it wraps around something that is pure Y2K pop.

It is not only the music that makes you want to move as Fisher’s vocals bring a carefree vibe to the song. Through the lyrics, he beckons you to the dancefloor with the promise of the freedom it has to offer. His performance has a light echo that warbles into the pulse of the synths. The chorus is really catchy as it asks if you can feel the energy of the dancefloor and the answer is clear that you can. If you are a fan of Y2K pop, this is definitely a song that you are going to be adding to your favourite playlist. Even if you aren’t a fan, this is such a carefree and uplifting song that you can’t help but feel better after listening.

Charlie Fisher has you dancing around without a care in the world as you move to the nu-disco and Y2K pop tones of ‘Do You Feel It Now’. There is a carefree energy woven into the music and vocals that free you from inhibitions and invite you to have a dancing blast. It is almost impossible to listen to this single and not feel the urge to dance.

Find out more about Charlie Fisher on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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