Jessy – Into the Deep (2022)

When it feels like life is pressing down on you, a revival of faith, whether that is in a higher power, or the world in general, might just be what you need. This is something that Jessy considers in her single ‘Into the Deep’ which is part of a string of releases dealing with personal journeys, choices, courage and faith. Written during lockdown, the single draws on her own challenges, while expressing what a revival of faith means to other people close to her.

With a fresh sound, she brings traces of rock, country and Christian music together. After starting her musical career in her church youth band, she went on to study at BIMM Birmingham University. This led to a masterclass where she performed and was coached by Will Young, playing at Patrick Monahan’s live shows and having two singles played on BBC Introducing.

‘Into the Deep’ is gentle as it washes against your skin with the delicate piano line and the far-off sound of the ocean. The strings add a melancholic touch to the single as it mournfully laments in the lower levels. The movement between the piano and strings is rich and touches on the struggles and pressure that fill our lives. As the chorus comes, the percussion offers a lightening of the load that sends power and shivers through your body. There is a poignant movement of the feeling through the melody, but there is something understated to the music that allows the vocals to really shine.

Against the rich tones of the melody, Jessy’s vocals capture your senses with a feeling of uncertainty, backed up by an urge to push forward. The lyrics are relatable in their emotive flow while building a feeling of strength and resilience inside you. While the lyrics touch on faith in a higher power, there is enough ambiguity to them that they could be interpreted as faith in another person. As the single progresses, the power of Jessy’s vocals shine as she pushes strength, empowerment and pure emotion into your chest. It is a heady feeling to ride the waves of her performance, which is enhanced by the backing vocals, and rises on the strains of the strings.

Jessy uses her powerful vocals and a rich melody to dive into a renewal of faith and the empowerment that comes from this in ‘Into the Deep’. The single is powerful from start to finish as the mournful strings bring the pressures of life, only for the percussion to lift the load. Jessy’s vocals are emotive and power through you for a heady listening experience.

Find out more about Jessy on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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