The Bellwethers – All I See (2021)

With their latest single, ‘All I See’, The Bellwethers throw us into the swinging tones of alternative rock and delta blues. From their album, Schizophrenic Zen, the single injects infectious energy into your veins while pulling you into the movement of their sound. The raw power and passion of the band blends with the swinging riffs and tones of the music for an extremely engaging listening experience.

The rocking engagement of their music comes from skills and styles that have been honed since the band formed in 2010. Fran Scianna (vocals, guitar, piano), Kim Zinevich (vocals, harmonica), Bill Stimson (lead guitar), Dan Scianna (bass) and Core Plueard (drums) are the masterminds behind the high-energy bluesy rock sound. Each of these music veterans draws on diverse influences and pack their passion into the blender that is their music.

The guitar opening of ‘All I See’ has you easily bopping to the sound before a thrust of electric guitars flows through you. There is a curling funky sound to the music that hooks you instantly and you can’t help but start to have a great time to the melody. The passionate pulse of the guitars flies through your senses, only to drop for the drums to push their raw energy into you. While the guitars bring a rock tone to the music, there is a really deep delta blues flick woven into them that is an utter pleasure to listen to.

As the melody has you bopping and swaying to the swing of alternative rock and delta blues, the vocals call with an anthemic stadium feeling. The vocal performance is like the call of the open road singing out to your marrow. The lyrics are an interesting combination of the lows of life and the highs that someone special can bring. The layered sound of the vocals is amazing and works so well with the energy and passion of the music. As you listen, you will start to feel the urge to shout out with the band or, at the very least, turn the volume up.

The Bellwethers have you bopping to the energy and passion through the rock and delta blues in their single ‘All I See’. The music is packed with passion and has you rocking out to their sound. The layered vocals echo with a stadium feeling that makes you want to turn up the volume and sing along.

Find out more about Bellwethers on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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