Jewelia – Millennial (2020)

As part of her ambitious Project2020, Jewelia has been writing, recording and releasing a new single each month. Her sixth track of the project is ‘Millennial’, a frank look at what it is to be a millennial these days. The song considers the difficulty of coping with adulthood and how adulting is hard for younger people. It also looks at the process of learning that life is different from what you expect and the concept of feeling lost and small in a big city.

To portray these emotions, London-based Jewelia uses her brand of nostalgia-infused indie-pop. Powered by epic piano lines, her music has a way of transporting you into the lyrics for your own musical fairy tale.  

‘Millennial’ hits you with Jewelia’s nostalgic vibes from the first note. There is something about the melody that makes you yearn for days long past. While there is this sense of yearning, it is a very easy melody that draws you along the single. You can float along with it as you are captured by the story of the lyrics.

Each word of the single adds to the tale of the millennial and is relatable for a lot of people in and out of this generation. Her engaging vocals add to the relatable nature of the single. She is able to bring you into the difficulties of the lyrics and the quest for some help with coping with everything. The chorus and end of the track have this way of getting you to sing along whether you want to or not.

Jewelia draws you into the problems of coping as an adult in her infectious ‘Millennial’. The single is captivating and transcends the idea of generational labels by describing struggles that many people are facing. Using her nostalgic melodies and easy to listen to vocals, she gets you into the song before you even realise it.

Find out more about Jewelia on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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