Joem – Copper Ground (2021)

The turn of the season brings a wealth of imagery whether the landscape turns from icy winter to the new life of spring of the lush greenery of summer to the colours of autumn. Joem has created a poetic ode to the movement of nature from autumn to winter in her single ‘Copper Ground’. Written about the colours of autumn, the single brings warmth and ease with it that soothes any anxious souls.

Inspiration for the single came to her while she walked through the woods close to her home. With help from her mentor Cari Cole, friend Eetu Kinnunen and producer Leevi Kohonen, she brings an enchanting world to sonic life. Using seasonal change, she looks to help people find their centres and soothe and pain and anxiety they feel.

Joem’s vocals open ‘Copper Ground’ and start to set the scene for the track. Her powerful voice shines against the melody and brings the poetic lyrics to life. The swirling flow of her performance is like autumn leaves drifting in the wind as they fall from the trees. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the movement of her performance. The energy of her voice makes you want to skip down a pavement packed with leaves that you kick up. While the lyrics are steeped in the colours of autumn, there is a deeper messaging resting in the enchanting flow. There is a warm romanticism to her vocals as she eases anxiety and places you in a cosy soundscape.

Beneath her vocals is a guitar-driven melody. The music is as full of autumnal colours as her vocals with a light skipping movement. The lightness of the vocals is enhanced by the twirling feeling of the music. There is a great orchestration in the music that adds a depth to the warmth and romanticism of the vocals. The lush layers create a soft foundation for you to sink into as Joem’s vocals wash over you.

Joem uses autumnal colours to draw you into a cosy soundscape while her vocals fill you with warmth in ‘Copper Ground’. Her vocals are the star of the single as she twirls you through the falling leaves of autumn and has you skipping with a sense of freedom. Beneath her vocals is a rich melody packed with lush orchestration and cosy vibes.

Find out more about Joem on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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