Nia Padilla – Ansiedad (2021)

When you suffer from anxiety, it can be difficult to describe your feelings to other people. Fortunately, Nia Padilla is here with ‘Ansiedad’ which reflects what anxiety feels like for her. Through the music, she looks at the internal battle people with anxiety face and how it messes with your head. With her music, you might feel that you can express yourself a little better and work through the anxiety you feel.

While Padilla is best known for participating in the international talent competition Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento, she has also been featured on shows such as Castle. She has most recently performed as an opening act for OV7 and collaborated with One Step Closer on several songs. Last year, she released her first solo Latin-inspired project and has been moving from strength to strength ever since.

The pulsing opening of ‘Ansiedad’ has you moving to the beats before you realise what is happening. The interplay between the pulsing beats is interesting and really brings the feeling of anxiety to the fore. The almost dark beats of the track give way to something lighter before you get drawn into some great dance vibes. There is a very interesting feeling to the music with a darkness that flutters against you and threatens to pull you under only for you to be drawn upward with the dancing vibes. Through all of this, you are filled with energy and the need to move.

Padilla’s vocal performance is a mixture of English and Spanish. While the majority of the lyrics are in Spanish, you don’t need to know the language to feel the emotions of the track. Through her delivery, you feel the pressure of anxiety weighing on you and a sense of searching for a way to escape this. As the chorus bursts into your ears, you are filled with a lighter vocal dance that fills you with upbeat energy. The movement of her vocals has a Latin vibe that works so well with the beats of the track.

Nia Padilla fills you with what anxiety feels like for her through the beats and bi-lingual lyrics of ‘Ansiedad’. The dancing beats of the melody hook you and get you moving while threatening to draw you further into darkness. This is countered by the vocals that have a searching feeling to them before they burst with upbeat energy.

Find out more about Nia Padilla on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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