John Leslie Hulcombe – Love Found a Way (2021)

Reinventing yourself is something that should be done with care and for the right reasons. With his single ‘Love Found a Way’, John Leslie Hulcombe delves into reinvention through being loved by someone as you are and learning to love yourself. With a sound that defies genres, he wraps folk, rock and pop around a message of self-love and upliftment.

Packed with imagery-rich lyrics, the single picks up where his last single left off. If you haven’t heard his music before, this is definitely the song that will make you fall in love with his sound. With each of his releases, you can hear how he has matured as an artist and why he is quickly gaining universal acclaim.

‘Love Found a Way’ washes its way into your senses with a pastel wave of soft sounds. There is a light folk feeling to the music that mists over your brain and pulls you into the rolling beats. These beats will have your feet tapping to them while the guitars lightly pluck at your brain. The softness of the music takes a faster turn for an uptempo movement that has you soaring on rejuvenated energy. There is a really tender feeling to the melody that tugs at your heart while filling you with bright energy at the same time. There is a guitar line later in the single that is really worth a listen because it is just wonderful.

The good vibes of the single really come through on the vocals. Hulcombe’s performance has a sombre start as he has you wallowing in sadness and a feeling of being lost. This leads to a plea for God to love you which slides into the rejuvenating energy of the melody. As the chorus hits, you are filled with the healing power of love and the way it eases the rough edges of the soul. His vocals are so touching as they reach a hand out to help you find your sense of self and love who you are. There is no way to listen to this song and not feel the uplifting energy that blossoms in your chest.

John Leslie Hulcombe fills you with uplifting energy that blossoms in your chest and fills every corner of your soul in ‘Love Found a Way’. The single moves through moments of doubt and feeling lost only to lift you up and pack your senses with happy vibes. While the single does have a Christian music edge, the overall messaging and feeling of the track is something that we all need.

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