John Love – A Song for You (2021)

While they say that hindsight is 20-20, when looking back at a past relationship, a certain amount of growth and maturity is needed. Fortunately, this is exactly what John Love brings to his single ‘A Song for You’ as he looks back on a relationship from his youth. Working with Colette J. Beckwith and Charlie Brooks, he creates an engaging reflection that leads us to all strive to be better.

Bringing a steaming hot cup of indie rock to a splash of funk, the single has you engaged from the first second and boosts your mood unbelievably. While there is a heavy topic woven in, the fun vibes take over. Between Love’s piano, Brooks’ bass and guitar and Beckwith’s drums, they have you feeling that they have played together for a lot longer than they really have.

‘A Song for You’ has a really soft opening that gently leads you into the song. The hum of the opening lines moves to the more melodic strains of the keys that then give way to a rush of sound. As you venture through the opening, you are led to a really light and bright feeling. There is something about the melody that puts a smile on your face and settles a warm ember of affection in your chest. When you hit the chorus, you are filled with the urge to gently move around to the flow of the music. As the single continues, your heart is filled with bright emotions and the balloon of good vibes in your chest just keeps expanding.

It is not only the music that brings the good vibes to the soundscape as Love’s vocals are as steeped in affection. His performance is both smooth and bright as he slides into your senses like a golden thread of goodness. The lyrics reflect on a past relationship and consider the good times and the regrets he has. There is a wonderful maturity to the lyrics that let you know he has really reflected on things. This is stunningly woven into the engaging vibe of the music that has you getting lost in the sound, particularly on the chorus. It is a really memorable chorus that will stick in your head.

John Love has you grooving to his movement through the reflection and affection woven into the bright and engaging tones of ‘A Song for You’. The music is gentle and slowly pulls you in before sweeping up in a burst of warm melodics. The vocals are both smooth and bright as they bring affection, regrets and a sense of reflection to the rather happy soundscape.

Find out more about John Love on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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