Jon Pattie – Dream On (2020)

In these hard pandemic times, artists have to find various ways to get their music to an audience. There are no live gigs and you can barely get to a professional recording studio. You are mostly left to your own devices, like your bedroom garage and whatever recording equipment you have around. One of the more inventive ways in which artists are trying to overcome these problems is regularly recording and releasing singles and placing them on social media and generally online. The hope is that they will be able to get an album out of the same material – sooner rather than later.

Nashville singer-songwriter Jon Pattie is one of these artists. He is planning an album under the title Reflections II and hopes he can release in February 2021. He seems to have everything ready so to bridge the gap in September he has started to release his material song by song until January. Talking about the whole project, Jon says: “Reflections: Vol. II has been a dream to make. Each song comes from a story in my life and each one its own fingerprint. I got to work with some great producers and musicians who really helped breathe life into these tracks and make each track sound unique! I’m excited to be sharing this next stage of my life and my music with the world. I feel that there’s a song for everyone on this EP.”

The latest in his series is ‘Dream On’, a mellow breezy piece that covers the ground between Echo & The Bunnymen and Death Cab For Cutie with ease. He shows slight traces of his Nashville home ground, where the anthem chorus and synthesized trumpet sounds top the cake. If Jon is trying to build the expectations for his upcoming album, he seems to be doing a good job.

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