East Eden – West Nod (2020)

Combine the skills of multi-instrumentalist Yori Johnson and multilingual vocalist Carolina Kohn and you have the force that is East Eden. Using their varying experiences in funk and hip-hop, Kohn and Johnson began as solo artists collaborating on different projects; however, they released their debut single as a duo in October 2020. Written and recorded on the road from New York to California, ‘West Nod’ is a moving, engaging and exciting single.

Inspired by the journey from the east to the west coast, ‘West Nod’ is a laidback, soothing and addictive single. Influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Lauren Hill and Kanye West, East Eden incorporate elements of hip-hop into a chilled funk track. While the instrumentation creates a “groovy” atmosphere, it is Kohn’s charming vocals that amplify the melodic flow of the music. Bringing old-school funk to modern society, East Eden takes you along on their road trip in a beguiling and beautiful way.

While the duo recorded the single in their “road studio”, Johnson and Kohn also filmed an official music video in Joshua Tree and Los Angeles. The video can be viewed here.

For more from East Eden check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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