Joon’s Second Life – When I Face You (2020)

Joon Lee is the multi-instrumentalist behind Joon’s Second Life. He grew up playing the guitar and worked as a session musician where he was exposed to different music styles. Joon’s Second Life came to be in 2016 and he has dropped his second single ‘When I Face You’.

The inspiration for this track was the concept of the different egos people have and how they are revealed through the real and virtual world. The song looks at how we compare ourselves to perfectly sculpted egos online and fall into despair when we cannot be the same. The track features a female jazz singer who wanted to remain veiled in secrecy.

‘When I Face You’ has a bright jazzy opening that hooks you and leads to the female vocals. The percussion notes throughout the track give the melody a different spin. The beat of the song is easy to get into and makes you want to move to the music.

The vocals are soft on the ears and have a breezy tone to them. They work very well with the percussion tones of the track adding a new layer to the track. The performance is also able to drive the lyrics through and make you stop to think about what is being said.

Joon’s Second Life is back with a jazzy vengeance with ‘When I Face You’. The song uses a bright jazz-pop melody combined with smooth vocals to look at a fairly heavy topic. The percussion throughout the song adds a light feeling that is picked up by the great vocal performance.

Find out more about Joon’s Second Life on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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