Chris McConville – Isolation Improv (2020)

Chris McConville is a London-based Scottish artist and drummer of the band The Bishops. He released his first solo work in 2018 and is tackling isolation with new music. His latest EP Isolation Improv was born out of self-isolation during the global pandemic.

Originally, the songs were part of a short series of fun music videos that were released on social media. The EP consists of two instrumental electronic tracks and an acoustic chill track featuring spoken word by actor Noelle Adames.

‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 1’ opens the EP with deep electronic tones and a driving bassline. The drums throughout the track work very well with the electronic elements. Through the changes in the song, you can easily connect to the track and understand the feeling behind it.

‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 2’ is the second electronic track but has a very different vibe to the first. This song has more of a feel of going a little stir crazy. There are lighter tones to this song and it has a fun vibe to it. There are moments in the song that make you smile and move to the music.

The last track is ‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 3’ which is the acoustic chill track. The song has a similar driving beat to the electronic ones, but the inclusion of an acoustic guitar gives it a softer and airier feeling. The spoken word throughout the track tells a story that is highlighted by the music. This is the longest song on the EP, but it does not feel like it is over four minutes.

Isolation Improv by Chris McConville is an interesting EP that captures the feeling of self-isolation. The two electronic tracks offer diverse takes of isolation while the acoustic chill track is a floating spoken word delight.

Find out more about Chris McConville on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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