Jordan Jones – Break My Heart (2022)

When a long-term relationship comes to an end, the break can cause a spiral into depression and other dark thoughts. This is something that Jordan Jones has personally experienced, only to turn his journey of rebuilding himself into ‘Break my Heart’. Following a massive wake-up call after his own spiral, his need to leave the tattered remains of his relationship resulted in the personal development of this track.

While drawing on his own pain, anguish and downward spiral, he offers a glimmer of hope to those going through the same thing. Using soulful RnB, he helps you over the obstacles you face, while assuring you that you can get through everything. As the first single he has written in five years, it has fanned the flames of creativity, letting us know that there is more on the way.

The guitar line that opens ‘Break My Heart’ twangs with a heart-wrenching sadness. As the guitar line mournfully flows through the soundscape, ambient tones sweep past like the wind. There is a building feeling to these movements that lead you to the full stops of sound. When the melody comes back, there is a deep soulful feeling to the beats, while the guitar continues to twang sadly in the background. At times, there is a really rich depth to the melody that vibrates in the low levels of the soundscape. Through all of this, that guitar shines through and pulls you on like an anchor against the turbulent emotions created by the vocals.

Jones’ vocals bring a contemporary RnB feeling to the soulful tones of the melody. The lyrics relay the pain he felt when his long-term relationship came to an end. The chorus asks the questions he couldn’t ask at the time and wonders if everything was built on a lie. As the second verse slides in, there is a subtle change in the emotions of the track, as he starts to heal. The progressive healing that you go through after heartbreak is brought to soulful sonic glory through his vocals. You can feel the pain that lingers from the heartbreak, but this has been softened by the steps he has taken to heal and move on.

Jordan Jones fills you with the pain, heartbreak and healing he felt after the end of a long-term relationship in the soulful flows of ‘Break My Heart’. The music twangs with a melancholic guitar that steadies you in the face of negative emotions. His vocals are smooth yet filled with pain as he slowly builds himself up after heartbreak.

Find out more about Jordan Jones on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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