Jidé Kuti – You’re Not Special (2022)

Jidé Kuti is bringing a fun and bold energy to our ears with ‘You’re Not Special’. An ironic song all about getting over someone who should get over themselves, he balances fun pop sounds with meaningful lyrics. With the addition of a chorus that you can easily get into, this single is punchy, catchy and one you are not going to forget any time soon.

A self-taught singer-songwriter, Kuti has spent years refining his rather quirky style into a sound that represents who he is as a person. The excitement and passion he feels for what he does has been infused in every note of his music. Following on from his first single, this release is sure to get you into his quirky lyricism, soulful vocals and honest sound.

The fun and quirky feeling of ‘You’re Not Special’ hits you from the first note. The layers of strummed acoustic guitar and light piano notes come together for a light, yet off-centre feeling. There are a lot of instruments and melodic lines that make their way into the soundscape, but each one adds colourful flair to the music. They also twine together for a bursting path of colours and warm vibes. There is a very bold feeling to this melody as it takes familiar tones and transforms them into something that is purely Kuti. He is able to bring a light bounce to the music that pulses warmth and good vibes.

As the first quirky notes grab your attention, Kuti has something to say to those people who need to get over themselves. This turns into a really soulful vocal performance as his voice richly slides into your ears. His performance is wonderful as he pulls you into a feeling of affection and happiness, before everything turns. This jumps into the catchy chorus that has you bopping and bouncing around to his sound. While his quirky style is soaked into each note of the track, his voice is so smooth and bright that you want to smile. There is a punch resting in the vocals that acts as a wake-up call for pretentious people.

Jidé Kuti has you bouncing to his sound with quirky movements, soulful vocals and catchy music wrapped around meaningful lyrics in ‘You’re Not Special’. The music is fun and light as it draws you into the single, and burst with colourful explosions. His vocals are soulful and smooth as they slide along the tones to deliver a punchy message.

Find out more about Jidé Kuti on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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