Josh Collins – Mid-Twenties (2020)

Born and raised in East London, Josh Collins is an independent musician exploring his sound and influences. He started making a name for himself with his debut EP Porky Pies and playing in venues such as The Troubadour and Ronnie Scotts. Combining relatable humour with personal stories, Collins draws audiences in.

His latest release ‘Mid-Twenties’ tells the bittersweet story of his life since the release of his EP. This deeply personal story has threads that everyone can connect with from procrastination to anxiety and hope. The fundamentals of being a twenty-something are laid out in this track.

‘Mid-Twenties’ is a stripped-back track with a soft opening. The acoustic tones of the track have a laid back feeling and make you think of someone singing while outdoors. The simplicity of the track helps the lyrics draw you into the story Collins is telling.

The lyrics are easy to relate to because they detail the story of many people in their mid-twenties. There is a note of melancholy to the song, but this turns into a hint of hope that everything will be fine. The song covers a lot of ground in an easy manner that drives everything home more.

Josh Collins is able to capture common themes in ‘Mid-Twenties’ that everyone can relate to whether they are in this age group or not. The stripped-back nature of the track gives it a reflective feeling, but there is a hint of hope in the lyrics.

Find out more about Josh Collins on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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