Melissa Salazar – Like It Never Started (2020)

Melissa Salazar is a Franco-Spanish singer currently based in Paris. Her first jazz EP was released in 2018, two years after she graduated with a degree in Vocal Jazz. The EP is a compilation of five of her favourite jazz standards. After its release, she started writing her own songs with encouragement from Bob Leone.

Her new release ‘Like It Never Started’ is one of five original songs. The track was produced by Robert Cutarella, a two-time Grammy winner who has worked with Eric Clapton, Joss Stone and Whitney Houston.

‘Like It Never Started’ hits you from the first note with a sense of neo-soul. The horns combine with the guitar and drums transporting you to a jazz club. Salazar’s vocals are powerful and sultry grabbing you from the first word.

The lyrics of the track have a classic jazz vibe to them with a new twist. The beat of the track makes you want to move to it while Salazar’s performance is intense. There is something about her voice that makes you want to listen to it.

‘Like It Never Started’ by Melissa Salazar is the contemporary soul track you have been waiting for. It is the perfect combination of jazz melodies and sultry vocals. Salazar’s performance grips you and draws you in more with each second.

Find out more about Melissa Salazar on her website, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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