JP2 – Without Words (2021)

Through the four tracks of Without Words, JP2 takes listeners on a musical journey with routes through different musical genres. From rock and metal to jazz and Latin styles, there is something for everyone on this EP. The entirely instrumental EP not only covers a wide spectrum of music, it also showcases the true power that instrumentation has to offer.

Without a single word, you are drawn into his musical world and filled with the emotions of the journey. Since moving to Orlando in 2001, JP2 has searched for musical minds that can bring his musings to life. While a founding member of bands Over The Radar and Runnin Blind, his solo work combines his experiences and honed skills for something remarkable.

The EP opens with ‘Anthem’ which crashes through you with a progressive rock tone. There is a sweeping feeling to the music that picks you up and carries you on the wings of the guitars. As the song progresses, you are captured by the layers of the single. The soaring drops for a more grounded guitar tone that has your head moving to its tones. The pace picks up and gets your heart racing with it while you feel the urge to play air drums and go a little wild. There is a very freeing feeling to the song as you get the sense that you can let all your inhibitions go with the guitar tones.

‘Guabancex’ has a heavier feeling with a more metal vibe to the guitars. There is a depth to the guitars that vibrate and thrash through your chest. The track features Israel Romero Pérez and is a masterpiece of guitars calling out to each other. You feel like there is a conversation being held between the guitars with the deeper thrashing being answered by the higher soaring tones. While there is a heavier feeling to this track, there is also a sense that you are working through emotions and will come out lighter at the end.

There is an easier feeling to ‘Still a Beautiful Fever’ as it lets you breathe a little easier after the last track. The song has a journey artfully woven into the movements of the guitars that effortlessly draws you in. A smile is put on your face as you journey down the paths set out by the instruments. There is a lighter rock vibe to the track that makes you think of sunny days. The lightness of the track is wonderful to listen to and you can easily blare this song at full volume at any time.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Win’ which has a rather anthemic stadium feeling to the opening. This turns into a toe-tapping layered movement that is slightly reminiscent of movie soundtracks. There is a feeling of resolution woven into the song, but this does not seem to be the focus of the song. This comes through in the drop to heavier tones halfway through the track which takes you on a different journey. It is a very interesting song that leads you in a number of directions and lets you make up your own mind about what it has to tell you.

JP2 draws on his versatility to take you on a musical journey through the tracks of Without Words. Through the instrumental tracks, he draws you into stories and journeys with effortless ease. The guitars captivate and soar through you while setting your mind on fire.

Find out more about JP2 on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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