Juliander – If I Can’t Have You (2022)

Meeting someone special doesn’t always have a happy ending where you stay together forever. Juliander has taken this notion and given it a unique spin in his single ‘If I Can’t Have You’. Through the electronic pop tones, he unleashes a powerful single about choosing to be alone if you can’t spend the rest of your life with the one special person for you.

Originally written for a famous DJ, Juliander felt the track had something special making him hesitant to give it away and instead chose to record it himself. Now, the single forms the first taste of his upcoming debut album that showcases his personal lyrics and beautiful melodies. Using a mixture of power beats, analogue synths and organic instrumentation, he crafts a unique sound that bolsters his strong and emotive vocals.

The light vibration of tones in the opening of ‘If I Can’t Have You’ rise from the depths and lead you to a wonderful mixture of organic and electronic tones. The synths wash through the higher levels and warble against your skin before the beats burst on the chorus. There is a dancing energy to the bursting tones that explode with colours. The beats really get you moving to them while the organic instrumentation adds a contemplative edge. The steady rise through the verses has been perfectly handled after the drop from the bursting chorus. You can easily imagine this single being blared from speakers at parties or while you drive.

While the music is packed with bursting energy, the vocals are awash with tentative emotions. Through the opening verse, you fall into the blossoming of affection for someone. The chorus brings a plea of being with the person tempered by the understanding that you would rather be alone if they don’t love you back. There is a great interplay between emotions through the vocals as Juliander brings a shimmer of hope only to contrast it with the potential of rejection. While an emotionally nuanced performance, it works perfectly with the bursting colours of the music. Later in the track, his vocals get an electronic edge before you are tossed into the final chorus refrain that you are sure to be singing along to.

Juliander brings bursting colours to a mixture of instrumentation and nuanced vocals in the dancing vibes of ‘If I Can’t Have You’. The music has a bright energy to it as the melody rises to the bursting chorus. Juliander’s vocals shimmer with hope tempered by the potential for rejection.

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