Spyderhuff – Lazy Soul (2022)

Spyderhuff have taken years of experience and combined them to create the back road fusion that is their sound. With ‘Lazy Soul’, they offer up a hot helping of their sound through the blues, rock and country mix. If you are looking for a song that mashes stories only life-long friends can tell with addictive musical flows, you are definitely in the right place.

As part of the band’s Seven Deadly Sins project, this single slides you into sloth and has you enjoying every step. Tom Kuhr and Don Beyer are childhood friends who have been playing music together for years and first started a jazz fusion band in the 70s. Since then, there was a rock band and the original Spyderhuff formed with drummer Jim Pauli. These three musicians reformed the band in 2020 with Joey Gaydos, Julie Noe and Tony Mitchell joining for the final line-up.

The bass that opens ‘Lazy Soul’ thrums through your brain while the country tones of the harmonica trill. There is a really great funky blues tone to the melody that instantly hooks you to the band’s sound. That opening bassline continues to draw you into the single while the rest of the instrumentation layers over it. The horns bring a country edge with a splash of big band while the electronic guitar soars on waves of classic rock. It is an amazing amalgamation of musical elements that perfectly come together to inundate your sense with their sound. You can’t escape the movement of the music and, honestly, you don’t really want to.

As you are held in place by the music, the vocals bring this amazing classic blues flow. The almost spoken delivery of the vocals is great as they scratch an itch at the back of your brain. There is a single line to the chorus that flows with multiple vocal lines that makes you want to sing along. While you are getting lost in the overall movement of the single, the lyrics detail a spiral into sloth and laziness. At times, it feels like there is a dual meaning to the lyrics as they touch on physical and mental laziness.

Spyderhuff have you addicted to their bluesy country-rock sound as they delve into one of the seven deadly sins in ‘Lazy Soul’. The music has you entranced as the layers rush over you and get you swaying to their epic movement. The vocals move from country spoken word to a rich single line chorus that makes you want to sing along.

Find out more about Sypderhuff on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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