Julius Wilder – Cool (2021)

We all have little things about us that make us unique and who we are. The problem is that these things are not always accepted by other people which leads to a longing to be accepted and normal. These are feelings that Julius Wilder has picked up on his in single ‘Cool’ which uses his own feelings of longing through childhood and his teenage years.

As he looks at these emotions, he also considers the illusion of the grass being greener on the other side. Born into a family of creatives, he has a clear innovative expression that shines through in his music. After attending music college, he continued to nurture his dreams and creative drive until he was ready to unleash his sound on the world.

‘Cool’ shimmers into your ears with some falsetto vocals from Wilder. His vocals are perfectly executed before sliding into a funkier electronic pop flow. There is a light feeling to his performance like it is floating over the melody before the chorus hits. This is when the vocals get a heavier hit of funky tones to it as he pulses against the melody. While his voice makes you want to bop to his rhythm, the lyrics are really relatable. Through them, he works through insecurities that many people have felt at some point. His delivery on the chorus is very catchy and makes you want to shout out with him.

Under the catchy vocals is an equally bouncing melody. While there are shuffling tones that make up the lower levels, the higher layers are all glitter and bright lights. The melody is blended perfectly with the layers merging into a solid river of sound that pulls you in the current of the track. On the chorus, there is an interesting movement that is different from the rest of the song but is just as engaging.

Julius Wilder has you moving to his rhythm while touching on common insecurities in ‘Cool’. His vocals have you bouncing to his flow while connecting with someone who understands the insecurity many feel. The melody is engaging with a slight touch of funk and some rather interesting sonic movements.

Find out more about Julius Wilder on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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