Joslyn Daniel – Venus-Mars (2021)

An insatiable hunger for love is something that many people have felt at some point in their lives. With the melodic and groovy sounds of ‘Venus-Mars’, Joslyn Daniel shoots romance in its purest form into your veins. This is tinged with a yearning for the normality of sharing an embrace with someone we love or moments of uninhibited joy.

Using a hit of dreamy synths and melodic drones, she engages any yearning you might have for love and romance. While there are a lot of soft feelings in the single, this is wrapped around a more carnal core of lust. If you are looking for a song that lingers in your mind while connecting with a yearning deep inside, you have come to the right place.

Dreamy synths open ‘Venus-Mars’ with a delightful delicacy. The opening of the single is like the breaking of dawn which is a wonderful introduction to the depth of emotion that shimmers through the track. The beats are gritty yet melodic as they form a counterpoint to the airy shimmering of the synths. There is a lulling sense to the melody that has your mind floating on the waves of sound in the most pleasant way. The delicacy of the melody is wonderful as it pulls you into the song while allowing the emotions of the track to effortlessly slink past your defences.

Daniel’s vocals are as light and airy as the synths in the melody. With a companionable delivery, she fills you with a yearning for something that could be. While there is a hint of insatiable desire, this has been tempered with a sense of reality. The vocals are an interesting blend of feelings as you desire someone while knowing that this has not happened yet ride a wave of dreamy wishes. This is a perfect encapsulation of how people feel.

Joslyn Daniel fills you with yearning while resting on a dreamy cloud of synths in ‘Venus-Mars’. The single pulls you in with delicate tones that lull you into a relaxed state. While riding this state, the emotions of the lyrics sink into your brain and linger long after the single ends.

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