Justina Ward – One Bag (2020)

The primal beauty of ‘Spare Some Light’ got us lost in the interplay of Justina Ward’s soundscape. She is now taking us down the path of existential exploration with ‘One Bag’. The single considers the heavy topics including the meaning of life and will shake up your world views. As it questions where you come from, where you are headed and how life events change who we are, the single makes you think about every aspect of life.

Drawing on her own questioning of the meaning of life and answers to other big questions, she turns personal reflections into relatable music. With the significant life event of the pandemic, many have reflected on what is most important in life. These reflections are set to her unique tones that we are more than happy to hear again.

‘One Bag’ opens with Ward’s vocals in an almost conversational tone as she pulls you into the story of the lyrics. The delicacy of her vocals has an intimate feeling as though she is telling you a secret. This sets the perfect tone for the exploration of the single. The gentle flow of her vocals leads to the haunting entry of the chorus which fills you with good vibes. As she considers life and how events affect us, she fills you with a sense of hope that you can be happy when you find yourself.

As her vocals lead you down a path of discovery, the melody is a light blanket that you can rest on. The combination of guitar and piano is beautiful as it softly wraps around you like a feather-light shawl. There is a peaceful feeling to the melody that provides the safe space you need to consider the lyrics.

Justina Ward uses conversational lyricism to reflect on the world and fill you with peace in ‘One Bag’. This journey down a path of existential discovery has a lightness that perfectly counters the heaviness of the topic. Ward’s vocals are delicate and intimate, but have a power resting in them that she infuses into you.

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