Justina Ward – Spare Some Light (2020)

Justina Ward is a singer-songwriter, producer and actress who has been writing music since the early 2000s. While she is still laying the foundations of her musical career, he is not scared to experiment with sounds, lyrics and rhythms. Her debut single ‘Spare Some Time’ pulses with her creativity and unique flair.

The song explores the journey of love and loss. It looks at how we find the courage to carry on even when we are scared of the unknown. This personal journey is tackled with a unique mixture of chilling harmonies, pulsating beats and Ward’s thrilling falsetto.

‘Spare Some Light’ draws you in with a light melodic harmony that gives way to Ward’s chilling vocals. She captivates you with a howling falsetto that hits you in a deep primal part of your brain. Her performance takes on an earthy vibe with a dreamy edge to it. This is an interesting combination that has you flowing through the dream-pop twists while anchoring you to the deep folk beats.

While Ward’s vocals send you soaring, the melody remains steady. The minimalistic melody consisting of a lone ukulele and light primal beats form the perfect basis for the track. It offers a grounding point for the sometimes airy vocals creating something that is so unique and captivating.

Justina Ward soars while remaining grounded in the primally beautiful ‘Spare Some Light’. The interplay of earthy beats and airy vocals complements the journey of the lyrics. With this being Ward’s debut single, I cannot wait to see what other unique atmospheres she can conjure in the future.

Find out more about Justina Ward on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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