Matt Gadi – Aiming Love (2021)

With his unique tenor, UK-based Matt Gadi can effortlessly melt your heart with his endearing music. Hailing from the South of Italy, the talented singer-songwriter ranges from upbeat pop to smooth acoustic folk in his repertoire. Featured on Edgar Allan Poets, YMX and now The Other Side Reviews, Gadi is making heads turn on a global level. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘Aiming Love’.

Following the high-paced single ‘Behind Your Mask’, ‘Aiming Love’ is a smooth, flowing melody filled with jovial guitars and steady drums. Finding beauty in the simplicity of acoustic-inspired instrumentation, ‘Aiming Love’ is a heart-warming ballad with tinges of “pink fluffiness” to the tune. Charming in its tone, the single has a buoyancy suited to the happy love story; however, it is Gadi’s soothing vocals that enhance the joyfulness of the song.

Using a personal narrative, Gadi shares his story of young love in a nostalgic tale. The lyricism does have a poetic sophistication, but there is a childish undertone adding an air of innocence. Unlike many ballads I hear, ‘Aiming Love’ is not a sad tale but a hopeful one with lingering optimism. It’s odd, but the lightheartedness of the song pierces my heart with a cheerful haunting. All I know is ‘Aiming Love’ is a comfortable spot filled with sunshine, daisies and a sense of peace.

“This song feels like spring. I wrote it a couple of years ago and it talks about a cute little love story where the two kids growing up together are, over time, attracted to each other and one of the two wants to move deeper than friendship. The game of love is always dynamic and it needs the right time for both the lovers in order to bloom.” – Matt Gadi on ‘Aiming Love’

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