Kaeley Jade – Ego (2022)

Unhealthy relationships have a serious impact on our emotional well-being even long after they have ended. With her single ‘Ego’, Kaeley Jade is examining this impact while offering a raw anthem for those struggling to heal after being hurt. If you are struggling to find closure after the end of a toxic relationship, this is the song that can shine the beacon of light that you need.

Using her vibrant vocal presence, Jade weaves lyrics rich in imagery into melodic hooks that are both powerful and playful. The indie-pop sound she has cultivated over her previous releases is used effectively to compel listeners to really think about what she has to say. If this is the first time you are hearing her music, this track will let you know why she has already gained wide acclaim.

The dual power of the soft melodics and Jade’s vibrant vocals open ‘Ego’. The vocals are a soft touch against your ears like raindrops softly landing on your skin as you walk through a drizzle. The tender touch of the opening verse gains more power as the chorus hits. Jade’s vocals rise up only to dip back for a quiet sigh. Through the movement of her performance, you can hear the power of her vocals and the power she wields. The emotive performance adds a punch to the lyrics that delve into the pain caused by toxic relationships and the breaking of the chains they leave even after they end. This is an extremely powerful single that will have emotion welling in your chest and threatening to break through your defences.

While the vocals are powerful and really drive the turbulent emotions created by toxic relationships, the melody creates the platform for her voice to jump from. The delicate touch in the opening is soft like a cloud slowly making its way across the sky. The beats carefully push you forward into the power of her vocals and add a depth when her voice rises. The raw emotion of the vocal performance rests on the cotton softness of the melody. Later in the track, the burst for the chorus is enhanced and claps with its own power that perfectly compliments the vocals. Each note of the melody has been carefully crafted to bolster the emotion and power of Jade’s performance.

Kaeley Jade unleashes a well of emotion through the raw power of ‘Ego’ as she considers the chains toxic relationships leave in their wake. Jade’s vocals are powerful in their raw emotion as she looks at toxic relationships. The melody is soft but acts as the perfect platform for the vocals to rise from.

Find out more about Kaeley Jade on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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