Jason LaPierre – Catching Feelings 4 U (2022)

With his single ‘Catching Feelings 4 U’, Jason LaPierre takes us on a pleasant walk through affection and a confession of emotions. Using a touch of RnB, jazz and retro soul, he infuses them with lo-fi vibes that create the perfect sunny day for a walk with someone you love. Woven into the story of a delightful first encounter with someone you grow to love is a sweet and romantic sound formed through the swirl of instrumentation.

Written as a way of confessing his own feelings for a long-time crush, this single is one that many can relate to and easily connect to. Rather laid-back and soft, the single highlights his instrumental abilities as well as his catchy lyrics style. If this single has you hooked to his sound, LaPierre is releasing a song a month for the rest of the year with this being the first.

‘Catching Feelings 4 U’ has a retro vibe in the opening that brings the soft twangs of jazzy goodness to a nostalgic haze. The opening line seems to come through from the past and leads you into the soft soulful movement of the main melodic line. The richness of the music twinkles with glittering softness and the shuffling beat of retro jazz and soul. It is so easy to relax back into the music and let the little smile teasing the edges of your mouth blossom. As you are smiling to the soft tones, you will also feel the undeniable urge to close your eyes and soak up the movement of the single. The lo-fi vibes of the single further soften the already delicate movement while the horns that waltz through the latter moments of the singe have you swaying to the rhythm.

As you relax into the softness of the melody, LaPierre’s vocals tenderly confess feelings of love and affection. His performance is an old school dance that makes you think of old romance movies. The lyrics bring the first meeting of LaPierre and the person he cares for to life before taking you through the journey of his emotions. There is something about his performance that really touches your heart and leaves a swelling of happy vibes in your chest. It is impossible to listen to this single and not feel happy and at ease by the end.

Jason LaPierre waltzes through ‘Catching Feelings 4 U’ with a soft retro and lo-fi touch that leaves a swelling of affection in your chest. The softness of the melody leaves a trail of rose petals in its wake as you dance through the sunny affection of the sound. His vocals are tender as they confess his emotions and put a smile on your face.

Find out more about Jason LaPierre on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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