Kafka – The Biggest Time Bubble (2020)

Rhythmic, cheerful, raw, dramatic and thoughtful are only some of the words that can be used to describe the new EP The Biggest Time Bubble by Kafka. Following the success of their debut, Dutch duo Dafne Holtland and Frank van Kasteren continue combining their contrasting musical styles. Her light harmonic sound warps around his raw beat perfectionism for a cheerful and thoughtful sonic experience.

The 4-track EP draws its tone from long walks and remote cabins. Each track offers up its own musical cat-and-mouse game of sonic tag as the multiple layers undulate into a rich soundscape. Using unique tones and styles for each track, you are taken through a musical journey on the EP.

The captivating beats of ‘Look at the Sky’ draw you into the EP from the first second. There is a lightness to the beats that is enhanced by Holtland’s vocals. Her performance sits as a high level on the track with zinging synths coming in below as a middle layer. The harmonisations on the chorus add a little something to the song that makes you smile. This is a very carefully crafted song with each element and note having its place and adding something to the soundscape.

‘These Are the Nights’ hits you with a different vibe from the start with more laid-back feelings compared to the lightness of the opening. The melody has a deeper feeling that compliments van Kasteren’s vocals which take the lead on the song. When the duo sings together, their voices create a layered effect that works so well with the plucky beats. The melody is infectious and you will be moving to the rhythm while the vocals fill you with an easy vibe.

You are hit with another twist in style and vibe with ‘A Memory’. This song has a more folk feeling and makes you think about sitting in a field as the music washes over you like the sun. There is a very breezy feeling to this track. Holtland’s vocals take on a completely different style of light which is bolstered by the rolling shuffling beats.

The EP ends with ‘Goldfish’ which draws you in with a combination of driving beats and light strummed notes. There are a lot of layers to this song which is a great balance and gives you a linking thread to the opening track. The instrumental work on this song is amazing and the complexity of it bolsters the haziness of the vocals. This is the perfect ending to the EP as it showcases everything the duo has to offer and lets you go with a simple yet complex blaze of glory.

Kafka combines their contradicting styles for their unbelievably enjoyable and well-rounded EP The Biggest Time Bubble. Each track has a different style showcasing the band’s versatility and both member’s strengths. There are some simple melodies and complex instrumentation combined with hazy vocals and a lovely depth.

Find out more about Kafka on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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