Von Liz – I Just Don’t Like The Cunt (2020)

There are times when you meet someone and just don’t like them even if you have no idea why not. This is the case for Von Liz as he is unable to articulate why he doesn’t like someone but just does in his single ‘I Just Don’t Like the Cunt’. The call out of things that put him on edge about the person turns into a different type of call out in the music video.

This catchy yet unexpected track continues the quirky knack that Von Liz has for making songs that stick in your head. While the single itself is an earworm, the video is a joy to watch in its strange homage to YouTube Irish Traveller call-out culture.

Von Liz’s vocals draw you into the meat of ‘I Just Don’t Like the Cunt’ from the first second. The initial lyrics set out all the reasons why he might not like the person. His performance encapsulates everything about that feeling of not liking someone and being unable to really say why. The call-out vibe of the performance works perfectly with the subject. There is a drop in the pace of the performance when the lyrics turn to something a little more understanding before hitting you with the annoyance of the person being around again.

The vibe of the lyrics and vocals is bolstered by the electronic melody. The pulsing beats of the track build this tension like the feeling you get when you are around someone you don’t like. These beats hit on the first chorus after the slow-build opening. While the melody is a bit minimalistic, this works so well with the feeling of the track.

If you enjoyed the single itself, the music video is really something else. Shot by Von Liz, it takes on the feeling of Irish Traveller call-out videos where arch-enemies are goaded into bare-knuckle fights. The video opens with the initial call-out with the help of some budding queens. The video is a lot of fun to watch as it emasculates this testosterone-fuelled underworld while pushing the lyrics and feeling of the single.

Von Liz encapsulates that feeling of not liking someone without really knowing why in ‘I Just Don’t Like the Cunt’. The track is full of the tension and frustration you get when thinking about someone you don’t like. The accompanying music video uses the style of Irish Traveller call-out videos to push the lyrics and is so much fun to watch.

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