Kat Kikta – I Let You Go (2021)

After a breakup, it can feel like you are floating around untethered and at a loss when it comes to who you are. The journey to returning to yourself has been carefully laid out by Kat Kikta in her single ‘I Let You Go’. Through the single, she considers the strength that only comes when you are at the end of your rope and realise how much you value yourself. Instead of mourning the end of a relationship, the single celebrates the new lease on life this can provide.

A tale of caution about losing yourself in a relationship, the single draws on Kikta’s multi-layered musical style. As a multi-dimensional artist, she incorporates organic and electronic beats into her music while mixing in some field recordings. All of this comes together for a soundscape that is as much about healing as it is a warning.

‘I Let You Go’ uses ambient sounds that grab your attention and draw you in with an experimental tone. There is a feeling of industrial tones to the music that turns into a whispering melody. There are a lot of different elements making up the melody for an unconventional listening experience. The elements of the melody create a sonic flow of a dysfunctional relationship and the feeling of disconnecting with who you are. This all comes together later in the track for a melodic flow that is easy and soft while taking those different elements and moulding them into a cohesive unit.

Kikta’s vocals have a creeping ominous feeling when they enter that pulls dark feelings up from the depths. Her haunting higher tones match the whispering of the melody as they filter into your brain. The lyrics are poetic in their structure while hitting the heart of the problem on the head. Through them, you work through being lost, falling out of love and needing to let someone who is bad for you go.

Kat Kikta uses an experimental melody and haunting vocals to tell a cautionary tale while offering a celebration of self in ‘I Let You Go’. The avant-garde melody brings the disconnection with your sense of self to sonic life before merging into a solid melodic unit. Kakta’s vocals are haunting in their lightness as they softly infiltrate your senses and fill you with the varying emotions of the track.

Find out more about Kat Kikta on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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