1.0.8. – Life Express (2021)

1.0.8. had us playing his last EP Nine Times Twelve on repeat as we got lost in the vocals. With the first track of his follow up ‘Life Express’, he is delving into an appreciation for life. Capturing the ticking of a clock and tempering it with the chaos and excitement of life, he urges us to appreciate every minute. While this is a seriously heavy topic, there is a lighter side to everything as well.

This lighter note comes to you in the form of a bunch of whiskey drinking hillbilly’s dancing around a campfire. With some alternative rock tones and a good dose of Americana, Andrew Stewart has you bounding to his sound. This single also works as the perfect taster of his upcoming EP of the same name.

‘Life Express’ uses Stewart’s vocals to draw you into the track. His powerful vocals are grounded as he gently pulls you into the story of the lyrics. As the song progresses, his voice increases in power and flies out across the soundscape. There is a light touch of Americana to his voice that wraps around the rock tones. At times, there is a delightful rasp to his performance that drives the brilliance of life into your chest. With the lyrics, you are presented with the knifes edge that is life with a chance of situations going either way.

Beneath his vocals, there is a soothing melody at the start of the track. This starts to run with the drums picking up the pace while higher tones chirp across it. When the guitar hits, it soars out of your chest and has you flying with it. The piano that twinkles in and out of the melody has an alt-folk feeling to it. The melody brings an earthy vibe to the music that grounds you against the flows of time and the crashing essence of life.

1.0.8. urges us to appreciate life while acknowledging the razor’s edge that we all balance in our existence through the brilliant tones of ‘Life Express’. The track uses an interplay between the vocals and melody with great success as Stewart’s powerful voice is brought to ground through the tones of the music. Infused into this is the essence of the human experience and the flows of time.

Find out more about 1.0.8. on his website, Facebook and Spotify.

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