Kate Ellis – Another Way (2021)

All of us have our flaws, but we still try and do our best regardless. This is something that Kate Ellis is considering in her single ‘Another Way’. Loosely based on her father, the single is an emotional look at a flawed man who is trying to do the best he can. Through this lens, she also looks at accepting others with all their flaws.

The first track from her upcoming album, it offers a glimpse into the soul-searching vibe of the album. Drawing on her country-folk roots, she weaves her own experiences into situations and musings that we can all understand. Her style weaves through her music to create a timeless sound that pulls on threads of the familiar and wraps them around something uniquely her.

The piano line that opens ‘Another Way’ sweeps through your senses forms a plush cushion around you. It is a very touching tone that captures the depths and poignance of the lyrics. The acoustic guitar wraps around the piano line to form a twined cord of tender acoustics. There is a hauntingly beautiful feeling to the melody that touches something deep in your chest. As the shuffling tones of the drums enter, they bring a heavier emotional hit with them. Every element of the melody is packed with emotion and tugs hard at your heart.

Ellis’ vocals bring an edge of country to the soft acoustics of the melody. Her vocals are intimate as she lays out the story of the single. She perfectly captures the struggles of trying to power through despite your flaws. This is tempered by the viewpoint of track which is someone reflecting on the struggle. Through the single, she brings a sense of understanding and deep affection for the person. On the chorus, as her voice rises she sends shivers racing down your skin through her emotive power.

Kate Ellis has you feeling emotional while reflecting on the struggles people face throughout life in ‘Another Way’. Every element of the single is touching and will tug on your emotions. The melody is haunting in its beauty while the vocals mesh melancholy with deep affection and a sense of understanding.

Find out more about Kate Ellis on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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