Shambolics – Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams (2021)

Fife foursome turned fivesome Shambolics make a musical splash with laid-back youthful reverie in their latest indie anthem ‘Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams’. The Scottish dreamy rock and roll band have returned after six months with a big, bright summer tune to inject some much-needed vitamin D in our pasty, pandemic depleted bodies. It’s the first music to be released since the band added new member and keyboardist Scott Williamson. Shambolics bring the fun at long last after a bleak winter. Their latest offering is a carefree dip into the youthful wonder of the world beyond and the anxieties of “being sick of this city and the people around”.

The lyrics, written by the band’s leading songwriting duo Darren Forbes and Lewis Macdonald get straight to the point. They address the listener with probing questions like “is it gonna be fine” and “will you get out?” They make you think about where you are and where you want to be. Then the words weave so easily and fluidly towards hope and wonder as the band sings about “chasing dreams” and “taking on all the world”.  The track’s overarching message is full of heart and sincerity made all the more charming with the lead vocalist’s recognisably Scottish twang – his words rolling off the tongue like butter. 

The song, released via Eggman Records, skips along swimmingly, driving guitars and bass-thumping forth with warmth and crashing drums keeping pace. The chorus adds more brilliance to the glowing single brimming with optimism and laced with nostalgia. Gentler backing vocals give it an uplifting and airy quality. The Shambolics’ track promises to pull you out of the darkness and into the shimmering light and it certainly delivers with ‘Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams”’- a song full of possibility but fair warning, it may result in you “chasing dreams” and “taking on the world”. 

For more from Shambolics check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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