Katie Kittermaster – The Problem (2020)

Regardless of a person’s age, one will always – at least in the majority of cases – experience anxiety, disappointment, regret, fear and concern. Having performed with the likes of Olly Murs, Ronan Keating and Lucy Spraggan, one would assume that Katie Kittermaster is a highly confident songstress, but she superbly portrays human vulnerability in her new single ‘The Problem’.

A follow-up to the well-received single ‘One Of A Kind’, Kittermaster leans from an upbeat, commercial pop-focused sound to a more indie-pop style with darker instrumentation (if that makes sense). Known for her introspective and reflective songs, ‘The Problem’ is another delving into the challenges of youth in contemporary society. Looking primarily at issues of anxiety, Kittermaster takes us on a journey of helplessness and inner turmoil.

Lyrically, the track takes a stream of consciousness approach like stepping into a teenager’s diary and seeking out all the sensitive entries. Sonically, however, it is more self-empowering than would be imagined. Exuding raw honesty, ‘The Problem’ leaves Kittermaster completely unguarded, but by using an upbeat tone atop the insightful lyrics she somehow points out and accepts vulnerability for both herself and the listener.

“I think the song personifies who I am. I am perceived as lively, chatty and bubbly, but there is a lot more beneath the surface. On the first listen that’s probably what ‘The Problem’ sounds like, but if you listen a bit deeper you’ll realise there is more to this song.” – Katie Kittermaster on ‘The Problem’

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